Monday, July 19, 2010

My Favorite Cool Spot

Oh golly, it's too darn hot to be napping outside and I'm also sweating while napping on the couch. I found a nice cool spot to take the place of the couch. It's not as comfy and soft but it sure is cool. For the next three months, the tile floor will be my favorite spot to park my bod.

Enjoy your week and stay cool.


Thor said...

I love take naps on tile floor! Keep cool, Meeka!

KT and Lady said...

Hi Meeka, we stopped by to check out a fellow Golden and to find out what you were up to. We are glad to meek I mean MEET you. We are west coasties too. Come check us out when you can:

I'm sure we have lots of friends in common.
Have a wonderful summer....we'll be watching.

KT and Lady

Droopy and Callie said...

That looks like a great spot for a nap! It's hot here too!

Lots of slobber,
Droopy and Callie

YD, sometimes with ♥Samantha and ♥June said...

Me love the tile floor too but we only have that in the bathroom, so I take my naps in there and sometimes I closed the door by accident and lock myself in the bathroom.


Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! That's great you found a great cool spot. Yes its been HOT. So stay Cool! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Scarlett said...

I'm the same way, Meeka! I love our nice cold kitchen floor or our hardwood floors. Nice a cool in this 90 degree heat! However, I can't wait to lay in the sun from the windows when it gets cold!