Thursday, May 26, 2011


I’ve always wanted to be therapy dog (actually that’s mom and dad’s goal) not a dog in therapy. I know it’s good for me to get my muscles all worked up so that I don’t develop muscle atrophy on my leg but boy it’s too much work.

Look at me in this giant size aquarium.

The water is rising.

The exercises doesn’t end at the clinic. I’ve got exercise assignments to do at home too. The good thing, I get to eat lots of chicken. Enjoy your weekend.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Name is Meeka and I'm a Chewer

Had my six week post op check up and doc says knee feels and looks good. Doc observed the way I walked and she can tell I'm in some pain. My knee and leg feel sore especially after the rehab sessions. I've been given rimadyl to help with the pain and arthritis.

Enough of my knee pain, found some old pictures and I mean old as in ancient cause they were in paper form and included the negative film. Yah, I know, some of you have never seen or heard of a negative film. No date on the pictures but I'm guessing I was about a year and a half old when they were taken.

For some reason, I used to love the taste of paint. I even had one favorite spot. As soon as daddy patched up the wall I would go back and chew it again. Lost track of the times the wall was patched up. The solution? They placed a chair in front of it.

We all go through the chewing stage, right? That's normal. I still chew on my toys but I make sure no one is looking.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Little Bit of Freedom

Were you wondering if I escaped? I've been released for good behavior, he he. I'm getting a lil bit more freedom and allowed outside the pen now that I'm 5 weeks post op. I still spend time in the pen when mommy and daddy are gone or if they are doing house chores and can't keep an eye on me. They are worried I might do something crazy like jump on the couch and hurt my knee (again).

I'm seeing the doctor for a recheck on Tuesday and I'm hoping she has good news to tell me.

Saturday, May 7, 2011