Saturday, January 2, 2010

My New Year's Resolution

Should I exercise more or eat less or do both? Nah, who am I kidding? I hate exercising and I love food. I'm not an exercise kinda gal. Walking around our neighborhood for 30 minutes a day is all I can handle. Jogging? Running? Forget it, besides if I overdo it, chances are it will hurt my hips.

This is what I do best. Mom calls me a couch potato.

I’ve been advised by my vet, Dr. A., to bring my weight down because I started to limp, my hind legs were giving me some pain. I'm no longer limping, thanks to acupunture but Dr. A still would like to see me shed a few pounds. My resolution is to eat healthier, more veggies and fruit added to my kibble. I will cut down on treats. It's a good thing I love zucchini, green beans, napa cabbage, apples and pears.

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